Preparing for CISMA2007 Jiake New Stage - Interview with Huang Zhengding, General Manager of Zhejiang Jiake Sewing Machine Co., Ltd.

Came to Taizhou City, Zhejiang Province Jiaojiang Shizhu Industrial Park, with local characteristics of the modern architecture to reporters left a deep impression. Zhejiang Jiake Sewing Machine Co., Ltd. in the new plant, covering only 8 acres of land, construction area has reached nearly 10,000 square meters, 2 multi-storey building production workshop, warehousing, office area distribution of scientific and rational, effective utilization rate of 100%. In this "mu" high-yield areas, the reporter on the development direction of enterprises and prepare for CISMA2007 specific circumstances interviewed the company's general manager Huang Zhengding.
In this case,
Reporter: good grams Sewing Machine Co., Ltd. After the original start-up phase, entered the scale, standardization, and then the development of innovation stage. Can introduce the company's entrepreneurial experience?

Huang Zhengding: I am honored to be in the "first sewing" this platform and clothing and sewing counterparts on a number of common topics to communicate, explore and learn. Jia grams of companies benefit from the Taizhou area matching enterprises with matching advantages and machine production cluster advantage, combined with the actual development of enterprises, out of a suitable for their own survival and development of the road. For example, the quality of products, we start from the parts, have a set of gatekeeper measures, select a certain size and quality grade of the enterprise as a long-term supporting units, from the source to the machine quality to provide a strong guarantee; "Jiake" brand has been the endorsement of domestic and international end-users; on the domestic market share, the scale of production, due to the scale of production, We are in Guangdong, Jiangsu, Zhejiang, Chengdu and other regions to perfect the quality of the occupation of the market, the price of some confusion of the region, we give up, "Ningquewulan" is our marketing in principle. In the marketing model, we also have their own positioning, we measure the dealer's standard, not the size of the size of the first character is reliable, in good faith, good management and aggressive enterprising for the selection of objects, of course, dealers will do The corresponding choice, which would help to form a win-win situation for both sides, after all, bigger and stronger is the common aspiration of manufacturers and businesses.

Reporter: In the company's business, to learn to choose, willing to give up, there is a degree of the problem between, in fact, very easy to grasp, and you play freely, so good grams to be successful. The value of the CISMA2007 China International Sewing Equipment Exhibition is approaching, peers rumors, good grams of the company will have a larger action. Can you reveal the company 's plans?

Huang Zhengding: good grams of the initial stage of the company, flat, including sewing sewing machine fully launched, you catch up with me, overtime, the production situation is excellent, which meet the huge market demand at home and abroad environment. With the saturation of market demand, the entire industry has changed, the company's product mix is also adjusted, the industry is an important stage in upgrading the file.

In industries and enterprises are a historic turning point in the domestic and international are among the advanced list.

Reporter: At present, the country, the industry attaches great importance to independent innovation, catch up with the world's advanced manufacturing industry has become the industry consensus. In this case, good grams of direct-drive high-speed computer-sewing machine series of product quality assurance measures?

Huang Zhengding: decades of sewing machine production process, in machinery manufacturing, we have strong technical support base, the new plant built, the original plant for the production of extensive parts, so that the production process more segmentation, standardization and standardization. The electronic control system is developed with the brothers and common enterprise production, not only high technology content, but also to ensure the quality of the case, to develop a reasonable uniform price, as far as possible for end-users to reduce equipment investment costs and improve efficiency.