2016 China (Wenzhou) international sewing, garment equipment exhibition

Activity Date:
Event Location:
Wenzhou International Convention and Exhibition Center
Wenzhou Municipal People 's Government, Wenzhou City Chamber of clothing
Mr. Lin

       Exhibition Time: August 25-27, 2016

       Venue: Wenzhou International Convention and Exhibition Center

       Sponsor: Wenzhou Municipal People 's Government
                         Wenzhou City Clothing Association

       Organizer: Wenzhou Dana Exhibition Co., Ltd

       Exhibits: sewing machinery and equipment, embroidery equipment, printing equipment, knitting equipment, laser carving equipment, suture sealing equipment, pre-shrinking bonding equipment, cloth cutting equipment, design systems

       Concurrent exhibition: the twenty-first China (Wenzhou) International Leather, Shoes, Shoes Machine Exhibition
                         China International Synthetic Leather Exhibition
                         2016 China (Wenzhou) International Digital Color Printing and Printing Equipment Exhibition

       The current profile:

       Innovative Intellectual Creation - New Opportunity for Sewing Equipment Industry

       May 2015, the State Council issued the implementation of China's manufacturing power strategy for the first decade of action - "Made in China 2025", put forward innovation in the manufacturing industry at the core of the overall situation, to promote cross-sectoral collaborative innovation, A number of key areas of common key technologies to promote manufacturing digital, networked, intelligent, and take the road of innovation-driven development.

       In the sewing machinery industry-made, innovative trends, the 2016 China (Wenzhou) International Sewing, garment equipment exhibition relying on regional shoe, clothing and other industries gathered advantages for the country and the global industrial sewing equipment enterprises with effective Of the display platform, showing the sewing equipment automation and intelligent technology achievements, help sewing enterprises extend the service chain for the industry to provide intelligent sewing overall solution.

       Industrial agglomeration

       Wenzhou has more than 1700 garment enterprises, shoe more than 3,600 enterprises, was awarded the "China Shoes", "China Synthetic Leather Capital", "China Textile and Apparel Brand Center City", "Chinese casual wear city" The city of China "," China's famous city bags, "Guo Zihao gold card, adjacent to" China's sewing equipment manufacturing capital "Taizhou, with a unique industrial clustering advantages.

       Four exhibition linkage

       The 2016 China (Wenzhou) international digital color printing and inkjet equipment exhibition "," 2016 China (Wenzhou) international digital color printing and inkjet equipment exhibition "," 2016 China (Wenzhou) international digital color printing and inkjet equipment exhibition " , To create shoes, clothing, luggage industry, materials and equipment one-stop display, trade, exchange platform.

       Quality buyers

       Organizing Committee through a large industry database, the global professional market, around the shoes and apparel industry associations, media and other diversified channels to promote and attract high-quality industry buyers to visit the exhibition, procurement, open up the upstream and downstream sewing equipment industry for enterprise products Publishing, marketing and technical exchanges to provide support.

       Attachment: The last show data (including the same period show)

       Exhibition area: 42,000 square meters Standard booth: 1353

       Exhibitors: 627 professional visitors: 16573

       Overseas visitors: 1305 [distributed in 55 countries and regions, the top ten countries were India, Iran, Pakistan, Turkey, Bangladesh, Egypt, Mexico, the United States, Uzbekistan, Peru]

       Exhibition Promotion & Buyer Invitation:

       1, International Promotion (Organizing Committee International Affairs Department, in Turkey, Italy, the United States, Brazil, Colombia and Southeast Asia and other global mainstream market promotion exhibition, and with the local shoe industry organizations reached a strategic cooperation)

       2, outdoor advertising (in Zhejiang, Fujian, Guangdong and other places in the professional market, industry gathering area to put outdoor advertising)

       3, the database promotion (for nearly 100,000 database data, by telephone, text messaging, e-mail, etc. to push the exhibition information)

       4, the professional market (organization team in-depth global shoe professional marketing exhibition, precision industry invited to visit the exhibition)

       5, the invitation of the Association (with all levels of industry associations to establish a close working relationship, invite member companies to participate in the exhibition)

       6, mobile-side promotion (WeChat constantly increase the public platform, micro-scenes, micro-group, micro-site, APP and other new media promotion)

       7, network promotion (through the official website, industry websites, portals, industry forums and other online channels of advertising and information dissemination)

       8, magazines, periodicals, newspapers and other traditional media (in the domestic mainstream industry, print media advertising exhibition)

       9, print direct mail (printed more than 200,000 copies of paper promotional materials mailed to professional buyers, such as invitations, Spreadtrum, visit the guide, etc.)

       10, Similar exhibitions, promotion of industry activities (at home and abroad to hold an important exhibition, the influential industry activities on-site promotion of the exhibition content and invite visitors, buyers)

       Cooperative Media

       China Textile Network, China Textile Network, China Textile Network, China Textile Network, China Textile Network, China Textile Network, China Textile Network, China Textile Network, China Textile Network, China Textile Network, China Textile Network ARS SUTORIA, ARS ARPEL, Indian Leather, Leather Age, World Leather, World Footwear, "Taiwan Shoes & Accessories, China Apparel Network, China Apparel Network, China Apparel Network, "," China Leather "," China Leather "," China Leather "," Leather Leather Information ", Alibaba, Made-in-China, Global Source, Indiamart.com, Information "," leather synthetic leather information "," Wenling Footwear "," foresight Shoe "," Guangdong Leather "," Golden Record Information "," Feng Dysone - shoes ", Made in China, Alibaba, China Shoes Network, China Shoes Network, China Shoes Network, Zhejiang Shoes Network, Wenling Shoes, China Shoes Network, China Shoes Network, China Leather Network, China Shoes Network, China Shoes Network, Network, trade billion shoe network, 365 leather network, China International Synthetic Leather Network, China Synthetic Leather Network, China Synthetic Leather Network, leather industry network, leather shoes front, the Chinese brand clothing network, clothing talent network, China clothing talent network, China Leather network, the Chinese footwear industry talent network, the Chinese textile talent network, at a glance footwear industry network, the world factory network, the Chinese clothing brand network, the Chinese clothing network, China bags network (in alphabetical order)

       Booth price:

Exhibition specifications
Standard booth (3m × 3m)
 Non-standard exhibition (1) (3m × 4m)
Light (36 ㎡)
Common area
7800 yuan / booth
9800 yuan / booth
800 yuan / ㎡
Brand area
9800 yuan / booth
12,500 yuan / booth
1,000 yuan / ㎡

       Contact information:

       Wenzhou Dana Exhibition Co., Ltd

       Address: Room B-1403, Business Plaza, Shangkai Road, Longwan District, Wenzhou City, Zhejiang Province

       Booth reservation: 0577-88905881

       Media cooperation: 0577-88902168

       Visit the Advisory: 0577-88908300

       Fax: 0577-88901788

       E-mail: 961261492@qq.com

       Official website: www.wzsew.com