Analysis and Countermeasure of Continuous Downward Economy of Sewing Machinery Industry

 In recent years, the industry economy continues to decline in the oscillation, although the weak external economic recovery, the domestic economic transformation led to shrinking demand environment has caused some impact on the development of the industry, but the industry continued to decline in deep-seated mainly for the following In two ways:
In this case,
 (A) causes analysis
Industry itself due to cyclical development

    From the industry development cycle and the traditional product structure point of view, China's sewing machinery industry is currently in the mature stage of transition to an important stage of recession. At this stage, the industry is characterized by output, demand, market growth, profits and other indicators continued to decline, the development curve in the downward trend. This wave of trend, at least 3-5 years, 5-8 years long. At the same time, at this stage, the gradual adjustment of industry structure, technological innovation increasingly force, polarization gradually intensified, the industry is brewing to form the next to automatic sewing equipment, intelligent sewing unit and integrated solutions for the characteristics of new products A round of industrial development cycle, and gradually play to offset the overall economic downturn and promote the positive role of the industry forward. The current industry is in the "two intertwined, two superimposed" industrial restructuring and transformation and upgrading of the critical period, the industry is able to end the previous development model and development cycle, quickly open a new development cycle, reproduction development climax, depends on Domestic and foreign economic development, industrial restructuring and technological innovation capacity of the effectiveness of the release of the positive pull effect.

Industry restructuring is not yet in place

    The current industry overcapacity situation is also an important factor leading to economic downturn.

 First, the industry's production properties and traditional development model has not fundamentally changed. Whether it is an ordinary sewing machine to upgrade to the computer sewing machine, or mechanical special machine upgrade to the electronic special machine, although the technology has been upgraded, but failed to change the industry "parts procurement + machine assembly" production attributes, industry production Almost no technical threshold, followed by a Chung and immediately caused a new round of overcapacity and price wars. And because of product technology upgrades brought about by increased profit margins which delayed the industry restructuring and reshuffle time; Second, domestic and international market development imbalance in the low-end market there are a lot of demand, low-quality low-priced products still have their Survival and development of space, so a large number of non-innovation and manufacturing capacity of SMEs rely on cost advantages and low-profit model there is a long time.

(B) countermeasures and suggestions

    At present, the industry structural adjustment in depth, scientific and technological innovation has become an important driving force for sustainable development of the industry, industry transformation and upgrading of positive results more and more prominent. However, due to the inertia of industry development, driven by the industry for some time to come down or at the bottom of the economic downturn will remain low, the overall development situation is not optimistic, the majority of enterprises should maintain a clear understanding of the difficulties should be estimated More fully, so as to actively respond to speed up the transformation. Suggested as follows:

Differentiated development, the depositor is king

    In the current market demand shrinking and overcapacity of the environment, the future acceleration of the industry reshuffle and restructuring can not be avoided, a large number of non-development advantages and competitiveness of enterprises will eventually be eliminated. Enterprises should plan in advance to speed up the homogenization of development to the development of differentiated transformation, accelerate the withdrawal from the Red Sea fighting to avoid the traditional competition, focusing on the advantages of resources, and strive to create differences, the enterprise will do fine to do, enhance the ability to resist risks and integrated Competitiveness, in a new round of structural adjustment to achieve the survival and steady development.

Accelerate the transformation and innovation, in order to accelerate the development of new industries into the accumulation of power

     The main reason for the automatic sewing unit manufacturing enterprises, represented by Visa and Xiangtai, to achieve contrarian growth in the down-stage of the industry economy is to accurately grasp the needs of downstream industry transformation and upgrading, focusing on innovation resources with differences In the high-end intelligent sewing equipment, open up a blue ocean areas of good prospects for development, leading into the independent innovation and intelligent sewing equipment for the characteristics of the industry development of a new cycle. Therefore, the majority of enterprises should see the development trend of the industry, enhance innovation capacity, speed up the smart transformation, and strive to move towards high-end.