The Spreading and Developing Direction of Spinning Machinery During the Thirteen - Five - Year Plan

During the "thirteen-five" period, the field of spinning machinery will further increase research and development efforts, transformation of traditional cotton spinning equipment, promotion of the thickness of the joint, flexible network and other new products, the development of a new generation of cotton equipment. Here we take a look at what the advanced spinning technology and equipment will be developed, to promote.
1 intelligent, continuous spinning of key technology research and complete sets of equipment
At present, the domestic spinning equipment has been part of the continuous, such as blowing-carding, coarse and fine network, automatic lap transport, and has been applied in the textile mill, but also the process equipment through automation technology as an intelligent whole To achieve continuous operation of spinning complete sets of equipment, digital control and network management to achieve energy saving, reduce labor costs, improve the production environment, reduce labor intensity, to adapt to a variety of new fiber spinning, to improve the traditional fiber yarn Line products of the grade goal.
Key technology: need to further focus on the process of tube delivery; sliver automatic joint; combing roll automatic roll, automatic head; roving automatic joints; spinning frame at the roving empty tube and full tube roving automatic exchange, spinning Automatic jointing; automatic winder multi-centralized control; winding process automatic conveying and automatic packaging tube; to achieve host equipment, auxiliary equipment, raw materials, personnel, finished all the information on-line monitoring and intelligent management; to achieve data analysis and remote diagnosis.
2020 Target: Breakthrough key technology, complete the connection between most of the processes to achieve industrialization; to achieve unattended at night; with the traditional non-continuous spinning process compared to 10,000 workers from 60 down to 28 people.
2 short process of spinning key equipment
Rotor spinning and vortex spinning yarn with its good anti-pilling properties and wear resistance and other widely recognized. In recent years, these new spinning process equipment technology progress significantly, in the raw materials, after processing, yarn product development and the ability to adapt to the development have made great progress, become an integral part of spinning.
Key technologies: Automatic rotor spinning machine and jet vortex spinning machine has been completed prototype development, ongoing spinning experiment. Need to further study high-speed drive, micro-motor drive and control technology to improve the success rate of rotor spinning automatic joint and joint efficiency, complete vortex spinning nozzle system design and spinning and manufacturing technology research to solve the problem of poor spindles .
2020 Objective: Breakthrough of key technologies to form small batch production. Automatic rotor spinning machine rotor speed of not less than 150kr / min; jet vortex spinning machine yarn speed 240m / min ~ 450m / min.
Key Combing Technology and Industrialization of Multi - fiber
The use of cotton combing machine processing a variety of fibers to improve the fibers in the yarn of the arrangement of the form, excluding neps, yarn products have a good feel, gloss, appearance and superior performance, with good market prospects . At present, there are enterprises in China to transform the ordinary comber to adapt to the cotton-based polyester fiber combing processing (speed of 150 tongs / min below), and its products are welcomed by the market.
Key technologies: Research and development of high speed multi-fiber combing technology and combing equipment with production speed from 300 to 350 times / min; study the control technology of combing fiber in combing process; , Fiber separation and bonding technology, the development of appropriate multi-fiber combing with the separation of the joint control device; research and development of multi-fiber combing special cylinder, top comb combing pieces.
2020 Target: Breakthrough of key technologies such as high-speed combing technology, fiber-dropping control technology, and splitting and splicing for multi-fiber, and establishing a demonstration production line for combing combing fiber.
4ADS automatic doffing system
With the improvement of people's living standards, spinning into the multi-species, small quantities of the times is an indisputable fact. ADS (AutoDofferControlSystem) The automatic doffing system is flexible and efficient. Through the process of automatic control to achieve seamless from the doffing to the winding docking to achieve energy saving, reduce people efficiency, adapt to more varieties, small batch of spinning demand.
Key technology: Development and upgrade of the control system of the intelligent doffing machine; Network control of the automatic doffing system, automatic control of the spinning frame process, digital control of the signal connection with the automatic doffing system; automatic doffing system, Collection and transmission; different varieties of empty tube automatic feeding function, the system failure of the network remote diagnosis and treatment.
2020 Goal: Breakthrough on key technologies to achieve small batch production.
5 intelligent electric spindles and spinning frame on-line detection system
Intelligent spinning machine with data acquisition, analysis and control functions, with on-line monitoring system can be real-time monitoring of the spinning machine running state, collecting spindle speed and travel parameters, with automatic identification of yarn breakage, twist efficiency, And can achieve self-stop feeding roving. As a single spindle, single motor, single drive control, high spinning speed, good stability, the spindle difference between the small, high-quality spinning.
Large-scale system-wide real-time large-scale data acquisition, real-time intelligent analysis; large-scale data real-time statistics; study of high-speed spinning precision winding (high-speed spinning precision); Technology and fine yarn drawing reliability technology; roving self-stop feeding device.
2020 Objective: To build a demonstration workshop for spinning application of 100,000 spindles.
Intelligent double - twisting technology and information system
Intelligent double-twisting machine for ingot, high spindle speed, small spindle, can reduce uneven twist and increase production, with automatic identification of broken spindle and stop the function of the use of servo traverse technology, package forming flexible, high quality , The winding speed can reach 120m / min, the process parameters can be set online, with data acquisition, analysis and control functions, with online monitoring system, real-time feedback output, energy consumption, efficiency, decapitated bits and other information to improve management Level.
Key technologies: research and development of low-cost high-efficiency ingot and drive technology; the development of real-time large-scale data system can be collected on-line system-wide all data and intelligent analysis; study of the reliability of the ingot technology; multi-motor coordination and control technology to ensure that the switch machine And the twist when the power is consistent.
2020 Target: Smart electric bobbin twister in the industry to promote the initial scale of 3 million.
7 No groove tube precision digital winding technology
At present winding machine is used drum winding drum way, tube winding shape formed by the grooved cylinder on the decision, because the groove on the curve is fixed, resulting in difficult to overcome the overlapping problem , In the process after the end of the process of unwinding. In addition, it is necessary to go through a reeling process in order to produce bobbins suitable for dyeing needs. With precision digital coiling technology, it eliminates a rewinding process. Through software control, it can produce both loose and compact bobbins. Overlapping and tightness of the appropriate tube production.
Key technologies: high-speed winding motor design and development; high-speed yarn motor design and development; yarn guide curve of the program design and development.
2020 Goal: Breakthrough on key technologies to achieve small batch production.
The double - tray automatic winder for non - collective doffing needs
At present, most of the domestic spindles are still non-collective doffing spindles, to adapt to the needs of non-collective doffing automatic winder has a great market, foreign network has long been successful development of dual-species tray automatic winder, and domestic is still blank, It is necessary to develop the automatic winder.
Key technology: non-end-yarn yarn tail processing technology; dual varieties of pipe yarn supply and related technologies.
2020 Goal: Breakthrough on key technologies to achieve small batch production.
One - step Twisting Machine Single - spindle Combination Driving and Winding Roller
At present the use of one-step twisting machine of the first complex twist spindle drive with a belt or spindles with the way, the initial complex twist of the package installed in the 1kg ~ 2kg or so, most of the traditional silk roller pressure roller. The labor intensity of the upper and lower chain is much, the joint is much, the noise of the workshop is big, the twist rate of the yarn is not steady, the strong stretch is unstable, has seriously restricted the improvement of civil and industrial product quality and production efficiency. R & D large package 10kg data information, intelligent control, production automation Twister is imperative.
Key technology: single-spindle synchronous micro-motor intelligent model development; initial complex twist single-spindle package with 10kg combination design; using winding roller device, single spindle length, full tube short yarn automatic design; complex twist spindle automatic brake clutch System Development.
2020 Objective: To solve the key technology, complete prototype manufacturing and testing and installation in the use of part of the user business.