The future of these seven categories of "textile equipment" enterprises will be eliminated

With the weak world economy since 2014 and the slowdown in China's economy, the textile industry, once in a dilemma, faced a moment of immediate survival. The rapid growth yesterday and today's life and death seem to come too suddenly, but many textile enterprises have to The face of any industry or country will have a slowdown in the ceiling and growth stage, can only adapt to the rapid growth and can not adapt to slow down the pace of the enterprise is bound to be eliminated. Standard Group has been concerned about the textile industry dynamics, after more than 10 years of development, we have witnessed the outbreak of the textile industry and in recent years, bleak, prosperous textile industry, where the fall off? Textile enterprises are facing problems?
Textile equipment industry is also accompanied by the rapid development of the textile industry, along with the growth of the textile industry stagnant, many domestic textile equipment companies are struggling, lack of foreign trade and export, domestic demand is weak, all aspects of the Chen was in constant In this intense environment, if the survival if the improvement of their own problems is particularly important, this article standard group of textile machinery enterprises at present there are problems and the need to adapt to the node, in order to improve the quality of life, The following questions are common problems in the industry, there will be eliminated without timely correction of the risk.
Ignoring the importance of large data analysis
Large data technology is not to grasp the huge data information, but to the meaningful data of these specialization. In other words, if the big data compared to an industry, then the key to this industry to achieve profitability, is to improve the data "processing capacity", through the "processing" data "value." The textile enterprises can according to the transaction of large data on customer behavior, demand and trend analysis, to their own product direction to provide some data support and prediction. Without large data support, that is, can not understand the needs of customers, then the customer-centric era will eventually be eliminated.
Single structure, species clutter, unable to form large-scale production
Advantage of leading products is the main source of income and profits of each enterprise, but many companies in order to attract customers, had to try to develop a variety of additional products, resulting in many varieties of production and messy, smaller production scale, high production costs, Corporate profits. So continue to optimize and adjust the product structure, the production shift to high-end market, for example, in other small and medium textile enterprises have trouble, Wuxi cotton after a large area of technological transformation, mass production of high quality and high value-added compact spinning Yarn, cut off low-end products, the high-count yarn exported to Europe and the United States a large number of high-end market, has not been the impact of changes in the internati